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I already posted this as a reply in another thread, but in case you missed it, here's my intro!

Hey, all! Testdude63 here, but you can call me Test. I’m super excited to be named as the new Phurious rep. I’m stoked to work with an amazing group of people on an incredible forum such as the rush.

I’ll give you guys a bit of background, so you know who I am. I have been lifting seriously for nearly a decade, without any layoffs other than a few minor surgeries. I’ve been competing in bodybuilding since 2008 and hold an open LW title and a handful of top 5’s. I’ve been taking an extended offseason ever since I was diagnosed with incredibly low T levels (I think years of competing as a natural did me in). Will I ever hit the stage again? We shall see!

I’m a no bs kind of guy that tells it like it is. This has been both a gift and a burden to me as it has gotten me out of trouble just as many times as it has landed me in a pile of steamy cow dung ;). I assure you I will do my best to aid you guys (and gals) in your quest for muscular domination. I love to help people and I am here to answer any and all of your needs.

Please feel free to reach out and contact me anytime, whether it be for an inquiry about a Phurious product, or just for some cycle, diet or training advice. I’m here, my friend :).
Congrats again brother. Looking forward to working together and getting to know you. Need to have a brainstorm session
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