Help regarding return to training


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Hi Dylan!
Hope you and your family are good and well.

I'm 45 years old I live in England not far from dorian yates old gym temple gym , temple row and have suffered with clinical depression since I was 17 . I started Train at 21 when I began working at Bentley in Cheshire. I works as a design engineer so my nub is basically desk based.
I can confirm that bodybuilding gave ma a life in mood , confidence and helped stabilise my mood swing as I am bi - polar type 2
I moved back down to bitmingham and trainined at temple gym ( DORIANS old gym - the dungeon) it's now a flash dash gym run by his son Lewis Yates.
A bit pretentious for me.

Anyway a little about me background stats 5 ft 7 , 101 kg Bf 12.5- 15%

I had a huge breakdown in 2003 and was admitted to hospital under the UK mental health act and spent 7 months there.
Ive been out now Ive had a barratts ulcer that has healed IBS which is under control but in large I haven't entered a gym for over 4 1/2 years.
My locum psychiatrist said many bodybuilders suffer with depression after Injury/ retirement like DY did and she has diagnosed me with social gym phobia. ( A fear of entering gym seeing other bro's lifting huge weighs and an element of i timidation and fear setting in)

I would god willing like your help.

Ive chosen you over the others because you talk like one with several PHDs, logically and with tactvand exoerience.

I need to break down that wall to firstly get in a gym . Gyms in America are size of football fields . Gyms in England are size of greenhouses but improving !!!!

I live right out on middle of Worcestershire countryside so it's a 40 mile journey for me to get there, the gym is adequate for our standards.

I'm 45 as I said, 4.5 yrs no training I take sustanon 250 every 10-14 days as maintenance and cialis when the wife wants it ! Haha

Finally , I have taken too much of your time the final question :-

As a come back given age/time out /hormones shall I do a bro split 3-4 times ( 5 too much for my CNS )

Or Ive devised this routine splitting parts up like dorian Yates did 87-82 prior heavy duty:-

MON Chest / delts / quads
TUE Triceps / calves / abs
THU. Back / biceps / hams
SAT. Chest / Delts / Quads
MON. Triceps / calves /abs
TÜE. Back / biceps / hams
THU. Chest /delts / quads
SAT. Back / biceps / hams

Basically increased frequency lower volume, lower intensity until im back on track

Many thanks god bless Good Sir