DVT and PE Blood Clots while on TRT

Scott Weiland

Whats up brothers, sisters and experts,

It's been quite a while since I've posted. I'm still out here; but I'm typing this from a hospital bed.

So I just found out that I have large DVT (legs) and PE (lung) Blood Clots. I went to urgent care for shortness of breath (cuz I couldn't do 1 flight of stairs without hyperventilating) and they rushed my ass to the emergency room in an ambulance because my O2 level was about 80 (normal is 94+) and I was tachycardic.

Sounds scary, I know. Long story short I'm fine. They caught everything in time (no organ damage - neither lung or heart), but I'm going to be on blood thinners the rest of my life. I'm not bummed out; clots run in my family and something will get all of us someday. So taking a pill everyday is not a biggie. Now for the record I was not on any cycle; only TRT. (I only cycle in the summer). My question (at the most basic level) is now that I'm on thinners is my TRT career done with? I haven't contacted my Dr. yet, but does anyone in the community know if being on blood thinners excludes you from being a TRT candidate? Cuz that will bum me the fuck out..

I had been prone to high hematocrit 50 ~ 51ish and I was giving blood, but I got laxed on it. Not the best idea, but the only place that takes my donation was 30 min away so I couldn't always work it into my schedule. Also wondering do blood thinners lower your hematocrit? The hospital says we may never know why this happened. Bottom line is the event happened (it could have been brewing for a while) and we caught it, and can prevent it in the future. I just don't want to do something stupid like take thinners and counteract it with Test if that is/could have been the root cause. I know the best answers will come from my TRT doc, but I'm anxious to know what the community thinks and knows about the subject.

Thanks everyone!
i have zero comfort answering that and noone online should be addressing that at all.. these are all things that you need to discuss with a doctor and really an endocrinologist... i know that me personally, i just stay a million miles away from things like this... sorry i cant personally be more help on this one but its too delicate for me to get into...
I have to agree with Dylan. Noone online, unless they are a true doctor, should really be getting into this unless they are just explaining a similar experience they may have encountered but aside from that, I certainly would not have any comfort on this either
do you think it is worth TRT that bad if you are gonna get a heart attack?

it isn't the HA that is the worst part, it is the aftermath.
Understood fellas. I was just looking for anyone who had experience or heard of something similar. Of course I’d never ask anyone to put their word on the line, and I will see my TRT doc this week. No, a heart attack isn’t worth it. It’s just TRT has helped me maintain a baseline minimal quality of life. AAS beyond that is something I don’t need to dabble with anymore.
Just to report back regarding my particular situation. Let me preface this next statement with, this is not medical advice - I am only reporting on my personal experience.

I was told that the TRT is not the underlying cause of my PE or DVT clot. (In fact perpensity for clots can be geneticly passed down and my Dad had a history of clots) He also said blood thinners have nothing to do with hematocrit or hemoglobin levels, so thinners won’t help or prevent anything regarding my high hematocrit. He chewed me out a little about not donating blood last time he did my labs. He had me dump a pint of blood on the spot.. and were moving on. Some may be skeptical that any Dr. will say what you want to hear to keep you coming back, but I i’ve been with this guy for years and he doesn’t even let my levels get anywhere near the “performance” ranges we like to talk about. If my trough number is at 600 when we do labs he’s fine with it. So don’t think this guy wants or needs to risk giving bad advice. In any case that’s the story… let’s see where it goes from here.
So ya absolutely talk to your doctor about that. It def sux you had to go through that. I had issues with my blood thickening on cycle even a TRT dose of test so I started taking something called NattoSerra from doctors choice I highly recommend everyone take it. It attacks all biological matter like plaque and blood clots and it drastically cut down my need to donate blood. I’m not saying to try that instead of your prescribed blood thinners like I stated this is information for the people reading to take into consideration and research for them selves.
god bless and God speed your recovery. I’ve nearly died several times in my life and I have to say it’s probably the best things that’s ever happened to me because you don’t really know how to live until you live every day prepared to die. Suddenly little shit becomes much smaller and big shit shrinks down to size.
anyways I’m glad that your okay and that it was not induced by some AAS induced dumb fuckery because there is just SO much of that going around. Kudos to you for doing your due diligence. As the other guys said no one with half a brain would ever give medical advice like that over the internet…..but if your symptoms are manageable and your vitals are great it does not hurt to ask your primary care physician. I’d just be very concerned about the hematocrit and you would need to be VERY responsible with your blood donation…..IF …..IF your primary cleared you. My worthless half a cent,
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