Cycle Support Lower Test?


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So I am currently taking 300mg test cypionate, 400mg deca, and 300mg EQ a week. I have recently been having some psychological side effects such as depression, anger, and jealousy. I am fairly estrogen prone. My estrogen hasn't been too high on last two blood tests though. Could reducing the test to 200mg help with this? I just watched a video that stated a high level of test wasn't required for most steroids. What is an effective ratio that minimizes side effects? I only got like six weeks left on this cycle. What would you suggest?
1st - I don't think you were ready for a cycle this advanced.

2nd - your EQ dosage is way too low for any benefit so I recommend just stopping the EQ.

3rd - 400 Deca can cause some prolactin issues so get that checked out with blood work. You will need Caber to lower prolactin.

4th - You should be taking an AI with 300 Test and 400 Deca. Deca does increase estrogen in addition to Test.

5th - Nandrolones are notorious for causing some mental sides so I recommend lowering the Deca dosage down to 300 as this dosage is more than plenty.
i agree with cbbram that you were not ready for a cycle like this... drop your deca down to 300 for starters.. did you get prolactin checked? eq at 300 is a complete waste.. are you taking any supports at all?
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