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Hi Dylan how you going buddy, big fan of your videos. I was going to start my first tren cycle and I wanted to ask you about the dosing to see if it was appropriate as well as what you'd recommend for ancillary dosing and is hcg required on cycle. You seem to be most knowledgeable on this type of information so I'd thought I ask you. Heres what I have layed out so fare. Thanks

Week 1-12 Test E 500mg

Week 1-12 Tren E 750mg

Week 1-14 Arimidex?

Week 12-14 Hcg?

Week 1-14 Caber?

Week 14-18 Clomid

Week 14-18 Nolvadex

Week 1-18 Rich Piana Organ and Liver Defender
youre not giving any stats or cycle history and 750 mg of tren for the first time too. that just says youre not ready to even begin using steroids man
bro im sorry but i cant even take this serious with you saying you want to use 750 mg of tren.. get serious
This is a big abusive mistake.

Regardless we can't advise you on anything without your full stats experience and goals
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