Cardazol, rad 140 log


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Here we go. Going to try and give y’all a weekly log.
This is my third cycle with sarms.
First one went ok with some gains.
Second no real results.
This time I am trying Esarms brand. Only doing
week 1-12 Cardazol 6 caps per day
Week 1-12 rad 140 20mg daily

53 year old
192 lb
10-13% bf
Trt by doctor /center weekly 1 year
Train 4-5 day a week
Diet is good with occasional cheat day.
Don’t smoke or drink
Was 230 couple years ago. Stopped drinking, hit the gym and dropped all the way to 175. Added some size back and now roll around about 190. Still fight the lad man pouch around belly and loose skin.
Can’t stress it enough. Do this when you are young. Take good care of your health, body and mind. It is harder the older you get.

So far purchasing and shipping has been the best.
Top that with this stuff does not taste bad.
Thanks for that bonus.


Just curious if you didn't gain much where was your diet at? Did you maintain, surplus, below? If you weren't eating enough hard to gain


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Diet has been a bit of a roller coaster I have spent some time at surplus, maintenance and below.
First I dropped a bunch of weight . Went from 230 down to 185. When I quite drinking I lost my appetite for several months. Didn’t have much muscle just got leaner. Then started working out. Started getting back my appetite but still eating healthy. Finally ran a cycle. Dropped bf to 9%. Hit 175. Too thin at that point. Through cycle added about 5 lbs muscle. Enjoyed it.
Then added some body fat back and another 5 lb muscle to 190 now. All in all I guess it’s been more of a recomp last year or so.
Staying lean. Adding a bit of muscle. Not trying to get massive just wanna feel good about myself at my age. Never had big muscle. All my life been kinda boney.
Gotta bad back and knees are in ruff shape. Still do a mud run now and then just for fun.
Thanks for the support. It really is helpful.
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Just realized this pic are kinda blurry.
May 2018
Weight 174lb
Muscle mass 86lb
Bf 11.5%

July 2019
Weight 192lb
Muscle mass 98lb
Bf 10.5%

This machine is at my gym. I use it weekly. I don’t think it is exact. However I use it as a guide. I figure, long as I use the same machine all the time it is more of a controlled result analysis.


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9 days in and feeling good. Had a good work out and diet is on point.
No big changes yet but it is as expected this early.IMG_2218.jpg

Machine reads
196 lb
100 lb muscle
9.9 bf.

Feeling good.


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Keep on keeping on with your plan. :D
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Doing well but not much to report. My work outs have been good. Unfortunately my gout has flared up and causing lots of pain. ( I am out of preventative meds) changing Dr. Appointment not until this Friday. Bunch of dental problems too boot.
Should have all this under control by end of the week. Then I can get back to hitting it hard. Been rough when in pain at ankles and mouth. Literally pain top too bottom.ha-ha
RAD should be kicking in soon, so I expect it to just go up from here.
The In body machine I use has been down for last several weeks so not able to get readings. They have another machine but it puts my body fat at 5 %. I am sure that is not true and way too low.
My weight is holding good.
All is well.
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Might gout has flared up and absolutely killing me for past two weeks. I have still been going and just staying away from legs.
Lots of sitting and lifting.
The in body machine I use to track my progress has been down for several weeks.
I went some where and used another In Body machine.
I will try and continue to use it for rest of cycle so I can track with controlled reading.
This one has me
188 lbs
100 lb muscle
7 percent bf.

I think the bf reading is a bit low. I think it is more like 9 ish.

Even with rough last couple weeks I think the cycle should start to get good from here on out.
My muscle is up a bit and bf has dropped a bit.
My diet is good. I feel like I can’t eat much more per day but I am trying.
I am eating probably 50-60 percent protein and splitting rest with carbs and fat.
Of course it is all good foods and no junk.
Very little grain, dairy, sweets.
When I have those I try to make them good ones..

Hopefully dr gets my gout under control today so I can get back to hitting it hard.


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Went to the dr. She gave me a steroid pack for my gout.
I took Friday off. Started the steroid pack late evening. That means I jammed a full days steroids in to one evening. That got me juiced up. Saturday mid day I tryed a new pre work out.
Between that and the meds with a well rested body I killed it!!
Felt good to get in a full upper body work out.
Thanks for all the support guys. It really help to have folks in your corner cheering for ya.


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My gout started kicking up again last night. Usually a steroid pack knocks it right out.
Started taking one Friday night.
Still have today and tomorrow too finish last dosages.
Felt great Saturday, Sunday and most of Monday.
Question: does cardazol have anything in it that could cause Uric or purine levels to raise?