Bulk cycle advice + questions


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Hello. I am looking to start a cycle. I am 25, 5'10, 170lbs , about 8% bf. My major goal is to gain as much muscle mass as I possibly can in 12 weeks. Muscle that will stay even after I quit the cycle, not just water weight. I am willing to spend a few hundred, I don't want to spend more than $300-$500 on the actual stack itself though. I would prefer not to take more than 3 sarms at a time. So 3 sarms is the max, maybe four if it really will make a crucial difference. I was thinking about trying LGD 4033 with mk677 to help with appetite because my appetite is not the greatest but I really want to pack on a lot of muscle mass so I know I'll need to eat a lot. Everyone's advice would really help a lot. Thank you.
thats a good stack to go with, yes... however mk677 is a long term investment because it needs to be ran a much longer period of time, at least 6 months...
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