Blast Cycle Critique Please


Doing some planning for my next cycle and need some input:

Current Stats:
14% BF (DEXA Scan 14.2%)
TRT: 200mg/wk Test Cyp.

Over 20 weeks I would like to a little re-comping and get down to 11-12% BF and put on 15lbs of good quality muscle.

Weeks 1-12
NPP: 50mg EOD
Test Cyp: 200mg 2x's/week (400mg/week)
Primo: 600mg/week
Proviron: 50mg/day

Weeks 13-20
Back to TRT dose of 200mg/week Test Cyp.
Primo: 600mg/week
Proviron: 50mg/day

Will be using DGA Organ ST the entire 20 weeks
Have Aromisin and Arimidex on hand.
Will I need any Caber with that lower dosage of NPP?

Should I throw in T-Bol for the first 6 weeks?

Let me know what you guys think!
you could add it in there, yes... i dont think its really necessary because its already a good sized cycle but you could add it in there...
You're running a long cycle. The last thing you want is an oral kickstart in my opinion. That will only raise myostatin quicker and stall out your cycle quicker. Let the compounds build up and reach peak like intended to give you even steady gains
I am really interested to see how this goes. The cycle set up is actually really good but those goals are definitely no joke. To gain 15lbs of muscle and lose a couple percent body fat would be nothing short of miraculous. If you get there your genetics are top 5%.
everything else is fine.... doses look good etc... i would still have caber on hand but b6 should be enough in terms of prolactin here... i dont see that being an issue at all.. .
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