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Advice re crippling back pumps


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Hi Dylan

I am suffering with some horrific back pumps and have sought help all over the internet and so far found no relief. They are so bad a simple walk to the kitchen has my lower back burning the longer I'm on my feet my calves and quads join the party and I'm left hobbling like a 80 year old man. Gym sessions have turned into a double battle against the weights and the pumps resulting in me trying to do as many seated movements as possible which is far from ideal.

So I'm running my seventh cycle but this one has come after and extended break due to family commitments. I'm 5 weeks into 400mg of test e weekly I did do three weeks of superdrol but stopped it as the quality was crap.

So far to ease the pumps I've maintained water intake daily at 5-6 liters , taking 9g of taurine split into 3 doses throughout the day. I've upped my potassium one bannana and day plus additional 400mg via supplementation. I've tried a diuretic to see if it was excess water , added 75 mg asprin a day in too. Oh an I'm taking 12.5mg aromasin EOD. I'm not due my bloods for another week or two so I can't say exactly how I'm responding vs my baseline.

I just wondered if you had any advice or alternate solutions as this is really making everyday life tough and interfering with my training. I could handle pumps that were not so intense but these are crippling.

Hope you don't mind me emailing but you genuinely seem one of the most knowledgeable guys out there.


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theres really nothing more i could add to what you have already done man... thats generally a huge issue with superdrol but you are doing everything that i could advise aside from adding more carbs as well... once you get bloodwork done, that will tell more but there's nothing else aside from adequate carb intake that i could recommend