1. RUCingdsgainz

    Kick starting a cycle with sarms???

    Iv heard of kick starting a cycle with orals like let's say T-Bol, can you use sarms to kick start at cycle even a small cycle of Test only? If so how would it work since sarms are taken for 12 weeks at a time and an oral usually just 4 Would you run the sarms 4-8 like say S4 and then on week...
  2. M

    advice on my cycle

    Hi mate watch your vids and respect how straight up and sensible you are. This is why I’ve come for a little advise. Any would help thanks. This is my second cycle my 1st was just test cyp 250mg ever week(10week) no visible side effects, body took it well. Wanting to try this now let me...
  3. J

    Need help with cycle - LGD & Ostarine

    Hey all, I just bought SARMS off the internet, not much of a choice since im in England, but I picked up LGD and Ostarine and PCT from Alphaform Labs. Ill be running the LGD for 8 weeks and the Ostarine alongside for 12 weeks. Then I'll be doing PCT. LGD: 4mg/day Osta: 10mg/day What should I...
  4. N

    3rd Cycle advice

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post here, and I am looking for some input on what will be my 3rd cycle So if you look at my bio the 2 cycles i have done have been test cyp only 500mg for 12-14 weeks and am looking to try something new Proposed Cycle: 12 weeks 1-12: 3-400mg test cyp per week...
  5. T

    Advice on first SARM cycle (LGD + RAD) for bulking

    Planning to start my first SARM cycle with only a couple SARMs, but I have a few questions about it so I can fully understand what will be the result. I have been lifting for 3years+ and have had a spinal fusion from my T12-L1 vertebrae 2 years ago. My layout: 20yrs old, 5"7, 158lbs...
  6. B

    a Beginner advice for his First Cycle.

    Hello all, I am giving thought in trying Starting my first cycle, i am 31 and been trainning for about 8 -10 years on and off, and as i think i see it reached my prime. all that said can you guys advice me a first legs on the water cycle about 10 weeks or less, as i stated i am 31, 168cm and...
  7. N

    Introducing myself

    hey bro's, I'm new to the site just wanted to introduce myself. 6'8 26yr old 255lbs 8%body fat Might as well throw this in here Starting a 12 week cycle Test e: 400mg ew Deca: 400mg ew dbol:30 or 50mg ed(havent deciced yet) first 4 weeks Arimidex: 1mg eod PCT:two weeks after last inection...
  8. K

    pct for dbol?

    Whats up guys curious ive never heard of anybody using a pct for a dbol only cycle no one would think anything as toxic as dbol would need cycle support like n2 guard rich piana has his own pct out now i loled at that and an an ai like aromasin i know yall are gonna say why would anyone do a...
  9. H

    Advice for a newcomer

    --24yrs --6'0 --5 years of Active lifting history including a 9 month pause --225-235lbs --Approx. 20-25% BodyFat --46in Chest --18in Biceps --29in Quads --36in Waist --ENDOMORPH (Build if you follow that) --No prior enhancer use -- My Goal is Fatloss, Health, and Longevity Hello New Fam...
  10. J

    Need help on a bulking cycle!

    Hey guys, Im 21, 5ft6, and 145 lbs, been on 1 lgd cycle that lasted 8 weeks, did proper pct after, and have been off for about 5 months now. Im looking to really add on some serious size, what's the best stack and dosage for me? I am around 11-12% bodyfat right now, and Im looking to add lean...
  11. R

    New to steroids

    Hello, Currently I am about 5'6 140 lbs with lower than 15% body fat easily. I have been heavier but that was in high school playing football. I have been working out regularly about 5-6 times a week for about 6 years now and just want to go the the next level. I am looking to put on some...
  12. J

    Advanced Opinions Only Please

    Hi all, I was just looking for advanced user opinions/advice on what my upcoming year is going to look like. I do welcome any opinions, but am pre-warning that there is insulin involved for those of us who are triggered by the word :D. I know many of the guys on here are very against, however...
  13. A

    Test Cycle Advice - First Cycle

    Dear All, I am planning on running the following cycle. 1-12 test cyp 500 mg week 1-14 aromasin 12.5 mg eod 1-6 epistane 40 mg day 1-6 cycle assist 1-12 lgd-4033 10 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m. 1-12 S4 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg in the p.m. 1-12 GW-510516 20...
  14. RK77

    First SARM cycle in consideration.... any advice highly appreciated!

    Hey guys! New to this forum & new to SARMS, in search for an advice. Being at age 39, 5' 11", 240 lbs and cca 16% bf I am now stronlgy considering 8 - 12 weeks LGD-4033 solo run. I am lifting since i was 19 years old ( almost 20 years ), always maintained healthy lifestyle, never took any AS...
  15. AsapSlim

    is roids mall fake or a scam?

    Was looking online and came across this website, anybody know anything about them? Are they legit is what im asking
  16. AsapSlim

    sarms stack (gaining lean mass) question

    Can i put on 15 pds of lean mass by combining S4, LGD and RAD with a clean bulk and training regimen? Sarms (andarine and cardarine) helped me cut in a major way, just wondering if a bulk can/will be as rewarding? Anybody with experiences
  17. AsapSlim

    Do you prefer to cut or bulk?

    Im fairly knew to this and ive done an extreme bulk and ive done a extreme cut! But im wondering, which did i enjoy more or which one was my favorite? Im currently cutting and i do miss eating steaks, asparagus, beef, potatoes, over and over non-stop, as much as i wanted. I enjoy seeing my lats...
  18. AsapSlim

    What Blood panel through private labs?

    Can someone explain to me how this privatelabs thing works? ive read the instructions and i get that but what panel do i order exactly?
  19. AsapSlim

    Irrital bowel sydrome and sarms

    Now I know asking for medical advice online is like getting a haircut over the phone but maybe you guys can help, my ole lady wants to get back in the gym. She's not overweight, shes actually underweight and she wants to bulk up. I know with the proper diet and strength training this can be...
  20. The_Gat5

    Dealing with a Negative and Unsupportive GF, Fiancee or Wife

    I'm still pretty new here, I posted an intro a while back but I've been pretty quiet. Anyways I'm just finishing up my first cycle and saw great results (thanks Dylan). I want to discuss a topic that I think a portion of guys here have to deal with, the unsupportive and negative significant...
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