advice on my cycle


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Hi mate watch your vids and respect how straight up and sensible you are. This is why I’ve come for a little advise.
Any would help thanks.

This is my second cycle my 1st was just test cyp 250mg ever week(10week) no visible side effects, body took it well.

Wanting to try this now let me know what you think..

Week 1-4
Dbol 20mgs per day | 250mgs decca | 350 test cyp

Week 5-8
Decca 300mgs | test cyp 350

Arimidex or aromasin on hand if needed. Or run every other day while on dBol? Is any need for Clomid??
Liver supper while on dbol...Or wait till dbol is done then take? = milk thistle


After last pin wait 2 weeks then:
Hcg 5 shots every other day
20 tabs Nova

Pin decca and test once a week? Same syringe?
Best time to take dbol? pre workout? post?
8 weeks to short?
Run liver support while on cycle or after the dbol?

Every other day ( decide which one)
Dosage 12.5mgs aromasin
Arimidex 0.5mg

Thanks any advise would be helpful. I want to do this right so this is why I’ve come to you. Thanks, matt