Advice on first SARM cycle (LGD + RAD) for bulking


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Planning to start my first SARM cycle with only a couple SARMs, but I have a few questions about it so I can fully understand what will be the result. I have been lifting for 3years+ and have had a spinal fusion from my T12-L1 vertebrae 2 years ago.

My layout:

20yrs old, 5"7, 158lbs, Maintenance calories 2100, planning 2600 for bulk. Macro split will be 35% Protein, 50% Carbs, 15% Fat.
12 Week cycle
LGD4033 10mg/day W1-12
RAD140 20mg/day W1-4 and 30mg/day W5-12
Creatine 5mg/day

4 Week PCT
Clomid 25mg/day W1-4

All SARMS administered orally, measured with a 10mg spoon in powder form with a spoon of apple sauce or something. Assuming this is legit powder (source seems legit) is there any real issue with this VS liquid form? Does it NEED to be suspended with Propylene Glycol or Alcohol? Powder form based on budget issues.

Should my Protein intake be higher? At a minimum I will consume 158g each day.

Is it SAFE to begin sarms at 20yrs old? I am aware extensive research has NOT been conducted.

Anything else I should do for the SAFEST cycle with MAX gain retention? I plan to log this cycle.

Is there anything else you all suggest to add/remove from my 12 week plan? My aim is size and Aesthetics

Thanks in advance!!


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its safe at 20 years old but DEFINITELY not safe throwing unknown powders around the way you are... i personally dont want anything to do with this question whatsoever... i have no clue what you have nor do you... sorry bro but like i said i want NOTHING to do with this and you are personally clueless on what you are doing and you are likely going to learn a very hard lesson