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    Steroid use as a teen. Need help!

    Alright short briefing. I ran a dianabol and test cycle with no inhibitor and no I have minor but noticeable by me and by others at some angles and if felt. It personally bothers me and I’m more than willing to remove gyno this minor even if it’s a couple thousand dollars. I recently turned 17...
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    Advice on first SARM cycle (LGD + RAD) for bulking

    Planning to start my first SARM cycle with only a couple SARMs, but I have a few questions about it so I can fully understand what will be the result. I have been lifting for 3years+ and have had a spinal fusion from my T12-L1 vertebrae 2 years ago. My layout: 20yrs old, 5"7, 158lbs...
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    19 years old should i take sarms?

    Im 19 Years old 5'9 180 im lean but you cant see my abs, i left 5 days a week and im pretty strong i would think. i dont wanna take steriods just yet, but ive been watching dylans videos on sarms and i wanted to know if i should take them? and if so which ones? i want to put size on but i want...
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