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Thread: steroids for mma

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    steroids for mma

    Hi Dylan, watched your youtuve video on steroids for mma. I have a question if you could please help me.
    Im currently 13 days before my fight and 12 days before weigh ins . I have to weigh in at 135 and im 154 right now.
    Currently im Running - Test E 250mg/week (125mg twice a week.). With Stanazolol 50mg everyday. Im feeling great in training and stuff. But having rough weight cut. Weight not going down. Plus appetite is crazy. So i asked few other fighters that been doing steroid for their fights and they tell me to stop everything completely now. 13 days before fight. This will help me make weight they say. Then i asked them if i will lose power strength and stuff for a fight itself since im off juice for 13 days. They say the opposite , that i will be faster and quicker and my strength will be just as good.
    Please if you can help me , do.

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Trying to lose 19 pounds in 12 days is not very healthy.

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    very very very very very bad idea to try to lose that amount of weight in 19 days but you should definitely not be using test or any other steroid to be making that kind of weight as it is...

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    Thatís quite a bit of weight. Maybe youíre just savage. Fight night will tell the tale.

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    In two weeks you'll still have test in your system so I doubt you'll lose much. That's a lot of weight to cut so you'll probsbly need to carb deplete and then water deplete a day or two before. Not exactly what I'd advise but to make that weight in that amount of time it's going to take extreme measures

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