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Thread: Is it possible to get another forum page?

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    Is it possible to get another forum page?

    Just out of curiosity. How much of a pain would it be to open up another page. Weíve got sarmís talk and a source page. Iíd just suggest an off topic page or a workout/diet page.

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    I go to other forums but it seems that all you get is replies form 20 yo kids that donít know shit but think they know everything. Th audience here seems to be a little more mature and experienced.

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    Honestly you can post any of those topics here in the sarms and steroid information subforum. We keep the subforums simple, condensed, and user friendly. Weve had more subforums in the past but this format seems to work better for everyone

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    One of the reasons I like this forum so much is that it don't have to jump around from topic to topic.

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    the worst thing you can do is have too many sub forums... ive been on forums for a decade and its a pure fact that it ruins the entire experience... there wont be any other sub forums added at any time... this is proven through multiple analytics that have been gathered over all the forums out there with user feedback etc...

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