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Thread: Cardarine opinions?

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    Cardarine opinions?

    Hi first I would like to thank any and all feedback, but anyways I am 19 years old and have recently gotten my bloodwork tested for my testosterone levels which came out to 482. I would like to say that I have never taken any anabolic type or compounds that have a negative impact on hormone levels. My doctor had me take a cortisol test and we have come to find that my cortisol is normal in the morning and plumits 4 hours later and is severly low. Anyways before I babble on, my question is, if I take Cardarine which lowers cortisol will that have a higher negative impact and does cardarine necessarily lower cortisol or merely keep it in healthy ranges? Thanks!

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    Bro youre in your teens and your hormones are out of wack. It can happen. Personally id stay away from anything that isnt doctor prescribed but thats your call

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    im sorry but noone is going to advise a 19 year old to use any ped whatsoever... not happening... not a debate etc...

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    Too early to even take cardarine bro. You are too young

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    Okay, thanks guys

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    no problem

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