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Thread: My first cycle

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    My first cycle

    Hey Dylan, so I will be doint my first cycle soon. I am going to be in a calorie deficit with it. The goal is to gain about 8-10lbs lean mass whilst on this cycle in a 8-10 week period.

    Current stats:
    Height - 173cm
    Weight - 170lbs
    Bf - 15%

    Cycle will be:

    Test Prop (1ml every other day)
    Proviron (4 tabs every night)

    Blood, test and cholesterol have all been checked by a doctor. Everything is in order.

    Do you think this is the right cycle to do for my first time and could my expectations be achieved?

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    How old are you? You will need to temper your expectations on muscle mass gain. Running a pure bulk, those would be optimistic numbers for lean muscle mass gain. Clen isn't really recommended as it has dangerous side effects. Cardarine is a better and safer way to go for those goals.

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    is this a serious post? how on earth do you expect to gain 10 pounds on this with clen and yohimbine and why would you ever be using this on a first cycle? i dont know how this can be serious to be honest

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    I recommend SARMS to get in the proper condition first and foremost then do a steroid bulking cycle later on.

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    What is the matter with test p and proviron on a first cycle?

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    There's nothing wrong with it for a first cycle but you want to gain 8-10 lbs while eating in a deficit which ain't gonna happen. Your approach is completely wrong in this situation. You will not achieve your goals.

    Your body fat is already on the high side so you might as well lose the body fat with SARMS first then do a real cycle later on where you can gain some muscle.
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    Contact me on Wickr Me mobile messaging app (cbbram) for 1 on 1 consultations for PED sources, questions, and cycle advice.

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    I’m hoping for more of a recomp. Might leave out the clen & yohimbine completely

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    i has nothing to do with test and proviron and NOONE said that it did... its the absurdity of having clen and t3 in there and saying you want to gain 10 lbs. not to mention the dangers of it... not ONE person said a thing about test and proviron and im pretty sure you know that...

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    Alright do what if I were to leave out clen & yohimbine?

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    first cycle should be test only period but proviron is fine to add in there... its not going to be anything like adding any other steroid in there... its not like that whatsoever so its fine to go with but thats it unless its a sarm or something like that

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