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Thread: Mk677 help

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    Mk677 help

    I am on my gaining so i need to eat more but my appetite is not so great so i wanted to take the mk677 for the appetite
    So should i be taking it eod like 3 days a weel so that i dont get used to it and the hunger goes away ?? Or i should dose it daily ??
    And is 10mg enough or 20mg is needed for the hunger ??

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    25mg daily is the recommended dosage for MK-677.

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    But it dosent answer my question

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    You're just making it harder than it really is bro. Just go by the recommended dosage and adjust it to your needs.

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    you need to take 25 mg PER DAY PERIOD... its very easy dude.. your question is really hard to understand... its all jumbled etc... 25 mg EVERY DAY for at least 6 months is how you use it... STOP making it so difficult when its so easy

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