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Thread: steroids questions

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    steroids questions

    Hi big brother , i have seen your videos on youtube ,
    I have recently started working out again after few years (have done 3 years previously ) as i had to quit bodybuilding due to some reasons ,
    It has been 4 months of working out and i have regained the previous best size achieved and strength .
    I am tempted to take steroids, question -should i take steroids ??
    I am 23 years old , 5'11 inches , 84 kgs ,arms -15.5(flexed w/o pump) chest -44inches
    Should getting to my natural peak after working for 3-4 years(naturally ) a better option?

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    Too young bro. Muscle memory acts quickly, I'd say about twice as fast as originally gaining muscle, but if you regained your previous size and strength in 4 months you aren't far enough along to think of steroids

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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Give it time, keep your training all out and diet on point. The AAS will be there when the time comes.

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    no bro, you do not need steroids and you definitely are too young for them... this is years down the road... if you continue to be tempted you need to realize that its not the right time, otherwise your going to learn a hard lesson and remember, its hard for people who sat there and told you not to do something to be sympathetic...

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