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Thread: AI in cycle through PCT

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    AI in cycle through PCT

    Maybe someone can explain this because it does not make any sense and time and time again I have seen it crush estrogen. Yet it’s still recommended every time. Why is it that aromasin (most commonly) is recommended at 12.5mg for the entire cycle and through PCT. Let’s look at a simple cycle as an example.
    350mg test cyp for 12 weeks
    I’ve sent most recommend 12.5mg aromasin eod for the whole cycle, which for 80%+ of people will be too much, during the two week wait period, and then also for pct when the only thing taken that would raise estrogen is clomid and that’s negligible at best for most people.
    So during the cycle is one thing, the test is helping raise estrogen. But when you no longer are taking it in and the test falls off, we are meant to keep the AI dose the same? That’s absurd an asinine. You are asking for crushed estrogen, which remember, that it’s not fun feeling like dogshit.
    So we are currently about to start pct, our test levels are tanked and here we are STILL smashing down the aromasin. There is no way that a little bit of clomid is going to counter the aromasin when started together, and even less so when the aromasin has a head start and already tanked your estrogen levels.
    But let’s go hypothetical and says it does. As you progress through pct, you lower your clomid dose, but again keep the aromasin the same? Again it’s absurd and asinine.
    Why am I the only one trying to get people to realize that this is a stupid concept? Why are people preaching the same dose of AI when you are ON cycle as when aren’t taking the stuff that caused that elevation? If this was a game of extremes, then go for it. But it’s NOT. Hormones are a game of finesse and balance. Why not start teaching it as such?

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    You're not the only one trying to make people aware. I've mentioned this a few times, I think it's going to be changed/adjusted but I'm not sure. I guess that each individual is different and there's a chance of rebound kicking up estrogen in some people. All I ask is that guys on a longer than 4 week PCT are advised to get blood checked to see where they are with E2 mid PCT. It was really bad for me so that's why I try to help where I can. I don't want anyone else feeling like that if it can be avoided.

    The only way we can help is by sharing our own experiences and learning from them. I went through hell but at least something good may come of it IF it helps others avoid my mistake.

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    I'm on TRT so I have no personal experience with PCT but from what I've gathered is that Aromasin is to prevent estrogen rebound during PCT.

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    I understand rebounding but we can’t just shotgun a bunch of aromasin at it. I’ve helped several through pct and what I’ve seen as a good compromise is tapering throughout. Remember it’s about balance. Not reacting to it getting too far one way or the other.

    And as JM was saying bloodwork is key.
    I also know what low estrogen feels like and how fast it can be caused.

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    12.5mg eod is just a recommendation. Everyone's dosage will be different depending on the compounds being run during cycle and how estrogen sensitive someone is. It's been said over and over adjust Aromasin dosage accordingly. If someone is just taking 12.5mg eod not doing bloodwork or paying attention to signs or clues then they are just not being responsible. Same applies during PCT if you need less take less. To me that's just common sense.

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    All I can speak is from my experience and it’s a matter of how sensitive to estrogen you are me I run a strong ai through mid pct and slow down I’m estrogen sensitive and my test levels never tank in pct or they just turn back on very fast and my estrogen goes up fast as well because my natty estrogen likes to sit around 37 normal with no gear

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    It’s much easier to adjust AI when on cycle because there’s a constant feed of hormone converting. But when you stop the test and no longer have the conversion, not accounting rebound because that doesn’t happen overnight generally, then there isn’t time to adjust to taking less. By the time you realize you need less, you’re screwed.
    Unfortunately 50%+ of people that you tell these numbers to, they don’t know how to adjust accordingly. They write down what is said and run it blind.

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    Just shows it’s important to run bloods and see how your body handles estrogen.

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    its variant from person to person... there are more people that are sensitive to estrogen than are not... you dont HAVE to run shit dude, if you dont want... there's a reason why i tell everyone to run PRE, MID and POST cycle bloodwork, period yet people dont want to do it... its a BASE to go off of.. not the end all be all... its used in pct to prevent rebound, which arimidex is not effective against, as well as to help igf levels and if anyone is using hcg before pct, they are going to have more estrogen build up before going into pct... there's far more components to the recommendation and you have to learn your own body... for a guy like rick, he barely even needs an ai but hes figured that out... a guy like me, i need it nearly even on trt... everyone is different but thats why its stressed OVER AND OVER AND OVER again to do bloodwork continuously... thats not the only reason but thats a big part of it... people are free to do whatever they want whenever they want... i take the side of caution while still monitoring what you are doing because we ALL respond differently...

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    it could be mentioned as "adjust as needed" in recommendations though, that would make good sense

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