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    36 cycle help

    Hey bro excuse my bad english. I am a 36 christen guy. How in my 15 to 25. Tok ecstasy alkohol and speed. I have a older brother how have trained clean fore 30 yers. I have in my 12 to 16 trained powerlifting. I have a Dream to take steroids. I have 3 Times in my youth first time Only deca 2 time dbol. Or in Sweden there Called ryss 5or. Russian 5s. 3 susta. I got allergi like reactions like red dots on my face. And more. Deca 400mg stoped 3 week 4 dbol daliy susta 1every 5 dag. I am a strong but real fat if you see me you would laugh. I must fix my body first i have hade Many operation on one kindny. I Will in 2 yers train and take away Most fat. Im dont care about that abs or the perfekt body. Im not getting sides from t3. And primo is what i have. Daniel nickname jabba. My question is if you heard about sensivite like this or am i fucked fore life. Many users call me the doctor and turns to me with questions. Your a cool dude how say so correct info on Youtube. Take care. And anadrol in Sweden Called oxar. You have one swede that love your work

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    Drop your body fat. Excess abdominal fat releases toxins in the body and generally unsafe for steroid usage.

    Who knows how the hard drugs affected you in the long run.

    Did you swab with alcohol before injecting?

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    im having a really hard time understanding you but from what i can make out, you should not be using any steroids whatsoever man and i cant advise you to do something i know is going to hurt you and not help you...

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    You seem more like a drug addict than an athlete who is in top physical condition and wants to take it to the next level. I don't recommend steroids for you whatsoever given your mental state and health issues.

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