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Does anyone post there workouts at all? Ive been doing a high volume workout for a month now. Basically 20 sets higher reps. I shoot for 20 reps per set. 90 second rest between sets. Once i hit 300 total reps ill add weight. Did this style once before and had huge gains. Unfortunately i was locked up last couple years and on quarantine so im just now getting back to it. Really like this style as im 44 now and this isnt quite as taxing on my body as heavier weights are. Ill do 20 sets for one muscle group then go to the next. My routine looks like this
Monday- dips and pullups
Tuesday- hanging leg raises and squats
Wednesday- off
Thursday- shoulder presses and chinups
Friday- ab roller and lunges
Saturday- barbell bicep curls and dumbell hammer curls
Barbell tricep presses dumbell tricep presses for total of 20 sets each muscle this routine really works well for me. I recover good from it as well. Is somewhat mentally challenging because 20 sets is long and hard to stay focused and really push yourself every set without falling off.
i really dont because each workout should be customized to each person... I change my workout every 6 weeks as well to keep it fresh...
I log every workout I do and use it as reference for the next workout. Always aim to beat the logbook
My workouts change randomly but I?m mostly on a 3-4 day on 1-2 day off schedule. Two body parts a day one main and one secondary (example: chest and shoulders) followed by calves, abs, traps at least two of the three. Drop sets on basically everything staying in the 8-12 rep range. I?m trying to lift heavier now an days, 4-6 sets per exercise.

But what works for one doesn?t work for others Iv been doing this for over 15 years and am constantly finding what works for me.
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