Napsgear: Tri-Hard: Intense Triceps Superset Workout



With this superset workout, which develops larger, stronger upper arms, transform your triceps.

It's tempting to focus more of your training time on your biceps at the expense of your triceps in the quest for bigger arms. But tipping the scales in your favor will make your gun show a much more impressive display.

By supersetting two complementing triceps exercises, this six-move program has been created to take your triceps training to the next level. By doing this, you'll work those neglected muscle fibers hard, forcing your body to make them bigger and stronger.

Performing the Workout
Three supersets of six moves make up this session. Follow the sets, reps, and rest instructions until all sets for both have been completed for move 1A, at which point move 1B should be performed. After that, perform moves 2A and 2B, followed by 3A and 3B, using the same superset pattern. That's all!

Perform three to four sets of each of moves 1A and 1B to completely warm up, beginning with a light-weight, high-rep set. Up to the weight for your work set, raise the weight and decrease the reps with each warm-up set.

1A Decline Close-Grip Press
• 4 Sets
• 12 Reps
• Rest 60 Seconds

Why: The focus is now on your triceps while your elbows are close to your sides.
How: Grip an EZ-bar with a shoulder-width grip while lying on a decline bench. Press back up after lowering the bar to your stomach while maintaining your elbows close to your sides.

1B Decline Skullcrusher
• 4 sets
• 12 reps
• 60 seconds rest

Why: You may isolate your triceps with this exercise and give them a good range of motion.

How: Grip an EZ-bar with a shoulder-width grip while lying on a decline bench. Lower the bar down toward your forehead while maintaining a straight upward elbow position. After pausing, extend your arms back to the starting position.

Triceps dips and diamond press-ups are two of the most difficult bodyweight exercises you can perform, and they both work wonders for gaining more triceps size. To enhance physical workload and reduce any momentum that could prevent you from making the most improvements, concentrate on maintaining proper form and doing each rep slowly and deliberately.

2A Triceps Dip
• 4 sets
• 6-12 reps
• 60 seconds rest

Why: It's the standard bodyweight triceps exercise since it works the muscles so well.
How: Hold parallel bars while keeping your core and glutes tight. To lower yourself as far as you can, bend your elbows. Then, press back up vigorously without totally locking out your arms at the top.

2B Diamond Push-Up
• 4 sets
• 6-12 reps
• 60 seconds rest

Why: It's a challenging press-up variation that works your triceps.
How: With your thumbs and index fingers, make a diamond shape, then lower your chest to the ground. Do not lock out your arms as you press back up.

Your triceps will work harder during these two cable moves since they have to control the weight both during the ascent and descent. To engage more triceps muscle fibers, keep the repetitions slow and concentrate on flexing your triceps as forcefully as you can while you straighten your arms.

3A Cable Overhead Extension
• 4 sets
• 15 reps
• 60 seconds rest

Why: By using a cable, you can maintain tension on your triceps throughout each rep's lifting and lowering phases.
How: Holding the double-rope handle behind your head, stand tall. Your arms should straighten as you press upward. Then, slowly return to the starting position.

3B Cable Press-Down
• 4 sets
• 15 reps
• 60 seconds rest

Why: It’s an easy move but keeping your form strict will work your triceps to full fatigue.
How: Stand tall, holding the double-rope handle in both hands. Keeping your chest up and abs braced, press down to straighten your arms fully. Return slowly to the start position, squeezing your biceps hard at the top.
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