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Good afternoon, so I had a couple questions when it came to running a cycle with winstrol. I've been lifting naturally for quite awhile and have a bit of experience in these kinda things, but I was looking for a little help filling in the gaps to make it a safe cycle and also a beneficial one. Kinda feel like I have pieces to the puzzle but not the whole picture. I know that It's not a good idea to run Winstol by itself, so I was looking at getting a test base (prob E from what I've read) to go along with it, I know I also should get glucosamine to help with joint pain and the drying out that is a side effect of Winstrol, and that my HDL levels will drop, but from what I've read they bounce back fairly quickly after a 6-8 week cycle. My questions were basically: how is the safest way to run winstrol? What does the PCT require? And what kind of diet should be accompanied with this kind of cycle. Thanks in advance for the help.
Honestly the first question anyone is going to ask you is your age, height, weight, and body fat percentage, and your're probably not going to get any help until they know that.
Fair enough, I'm 24, 6'5", 225, sitting at 12% BF maybe pushing 13%

I just posted "how my cycles progressed over the years". If you read this you will get a lot of answers. For your first few cycles you only use test.It can be test cyp,testE or sus, or if you want to pin EOD then test prop.You save the winstrol for latter. A good 250-300mg 12 week cycle works very well. Test will be in all of your future cycles so you may as well see how you respond to the different levels. Starting off with 250 and progrssing to 400 is a good run.
So lets forget about the winstrol, which means no dried out leg pain and n glucosamine needed. Now for your cholesterol you can use the sarm GW.I twill give you a good aerobic capacity and keep your ldl good.

You follow full pct and use aromasin on cycle on post cycle. Rick or dylan may want to add other sarms to your stack. The full pct is found all over this site.
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