TRT + SARMS Cycle Blood Test Results


I have to lead with holy Valhalla!

Pre TRT total test was 363, now 1919.7

Obviously, I overindulged a bit but will reel it in. Was at 125 mg/week of TEST CYP 250 and felt good so I went to 250 mg/week about three weeks prior to blood test. Also broke that up into two pins @ 125 mg twice a week. I know, I know... I wanted to see how I'd feel since numbers are numbers to a point and the goal of all this is to feel better. I'll bring the dose down to 150 mg/week split into two pins and test again after four weeks.

Blood was drawn two days after a 125 mg pin of Valhalla TEST CYP 250.

Free Test (direct) came back @ >50.0 with a range of 6.8 - 21.5 pg/mL Previous blood work had Free Test (calculated) @ 102.8 with a range of 46.0 - 224.0
I'll have to research the difference between direct and calculated.

Pre TRT LH was 8.1 now it's 0.1
Pre TRT FSH was 7.3 now it's <0.2

Pre TRT Estradiol was 11.4 now it's 122.8 so I'll start the LiquiAro.
I had a feeling this was the case... I don't have swelling or soreness but my right nipple has indicated the chicken is done which is out of the ordinary for me.

Only other odd one was AST (SGOT) @ 45 which is up from pre TRT of 33. Not too worried as it's 5 above the upper limit of 40.

Overall, I feel pretty good. Much better than before TRT and SARMs but not as good as when I first started TRT.
Gains are apparent. I won't list all but my main indicator is flat dumb bell press... I was pleased with 90's last time I posted. Now I'm using the 100's which has me thrilled. Got em for two sets last week after two warm up sets and a set of the 85's for 12. One set for 7 and one for 6 with good form (I hope).

Coming to the end of my S4 cycle but have GW, Osta and LGD for a while as I had a weird start and USPS lost one of my orders.

Once my Estradiol comes down I expect to feel even better. Thanks again Valhalla!


Hell yea! Just needed to confirm estradiol was up there before starting the A.I. Kinda felt it but now I know. Tonight was leg night and I already feel like I'm on fire! Leg press at 540 lbs... not the heaviest I've done but set after set and just didn't run out of gas. No half-assed sets either, all the way down until I looked like a swollen tick about to pop. Gonna miss V. Damn it.