TRT in the UK Vlog series


Hey guys, as some of you are aware of from my previous posts I'm doing a Vlog series on my experiences in the UK with low testosterone.

TRT or testosterone replacement therapy isn't as readily available in the UK as it seems to be in the US. I think it comes down to a lack of understanding from both the patient and the health system. Everyone and his dog seems to get prescribed TRT in the United States but here in the UK it's a lot harder to come by, even if you are symptomatic as I've found out. This is why I wanted to detail my experience through a series of video diaries in order to share some information regarding the symptoms and how these can be corrected. I wanted to hold off going back the 'black market' route and self-medicating for as long as possible, I think we have a fantastic health service here in the UK and I wanted to see how they'd go about dealing with my symptoms and numerous blood tests that have come back as low. I also wanted to explore the application method (creams, gels, injections etc) that the NHS would provide and if these would be sufficient for someone in my situation.

Anyway, I've linked the first video below if you're interested. Go easy on me, my video editing skills are novice at best and it has all been filmed on a iPhone. Give my channel a like/subscribe and I'll keep producing content, hopefully leading to different series' on living with TRT.