NapsGear AMA - Antoine Vaillant : Episode 4: Making Gains That Last


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In this episode, Antoine Vaillant answers the following questions:

1)PLEASE BIG HELP: it's been two years since my last cycle I'm currently 200 pounds 20% bf and 31 years old, when I come to sex even after long time not seen my wife no ever porn and even taking ED pills and can't maintain a erection!!! Please any idea why??? Do I need to start a TRT? She thinks I don't want to be with her and this Could be the end of my marriage. Thanks in advance asked by AlexMalvil

2)Hi Evan I know you're not a fan of dairy when trying to get in shape[cutting]But what is your stance on fruit while trying to get in shape [cutting] Also what fruit if you had to pick one is the best overall to eat while cutting. asked by buffjojo

3)Hi Chris, I have a question about injuries. It seems to me that pro bodybuilders sustain a lot of injuries throughout their career, even some that end up ending their careers. I just don't understand why this happens. Since I'm not a pro bodybuilder or amateur is it necessary to overload the muscle to a certain point that there is going to be an injury that is in evitable, or is it that pro bodybuilders have so much muscle mass that they're not feeling the damage it is possibly causing to their ligaments and joints while training? I have never injured myself and again I'm not a pro bodybuilder so I can only theorize there is sooo much muscle on them that they can "see" internally what is happening to their ligament, joints, tendons, etc while in the gym and pumped up and in the zone. What are your thoughts? asked by Susta

4)Hi guys beginner cycle wanting to start dianabol but what to stack with and anything else to take alongside with whilst on cycle also in the uk thank you any advice would be appreciated asked by Stanley

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