TripleXStack - Via/Cia/vard


Anybody remember this combo and prodile sarmsX used to sell it, worked great, trying to see if anyone knows of a similar product and/or source for it
Not with the varden but 1 stop domestic has a superman stack of viagra and cialis. I highly recommend it. Hit me up for a price list
I have a stack like that from my Canadian domestic source SYN. Love the combo. To be honest though, I get the best results from just viagra on its own.
glad the community is still around, well yeah that goes to show how long ive been gone for , sarmsx used to be my go to source for that stack, so looking for something similar to it since i luved it trusted the source, tried going to that umbrella site didnt seem to have any boner enhancers?
Canadian domestic you say is it a website or emal base MasonicB?
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