Tren and hair shedding


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hey Dylan

A little about me: 40 years old, ran 4 cycles, never ran Tren, Have most my hair, and a slight widows peak at 40,

Dad has about the same at 70/ Ran Tren Ace at low doses for 5 weeks and then got hit with hair shedding, I dropped the Tren and have continued running Var (which I ran with no hair loss before) instead to finish my cutting cycle, hair shed persists. I also fasted before cycle.Going to start PCT tomorow.Now I know they say finisteride is useless with Tren, but as it stands I stopped using Tren Ace over 2 weeks ago and I'm still shedding. So it's clearly out of my system, could the fin help now?
Anavar is DHT-based, and would cause continued hair loss if you are prone. Additionally, finasteride blocks DHT conversion so it is useless against DHT-based steroids. Finally, finasteride has some really ugly side effects in it's own right that, in my opinion, make it not worthwhile. If keeping your hair is important, I would rethink the compounds that you are cycling.

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