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HI Dylan,
Love all your youtube vids. I have a question. I am a 41 year old male who is on about 140 mgs of test a week. i inject about 20 mgs of test cyp a day subq. I also take a 1/4 tab of 1 mg arimidex whenever i fell sort of bloated. My diet is on point and i train 5 days a week. I lift hard, box, and play basketball. My goal is to loose weight and maintain muscle but im just getting stronger and the fat just stays there. I do have alot of fat on my stomach, obliques and lower chest. Thinking maybe due to high fat rate the estro is high which you mentioned in your video. I would come off the test and lower bodyfat naturally, and when i get to a lower bodyfat i can try the test again. But the problem is if i come off i know the cortisol will spike and i will get even more fat gain. Not sure how to go about this. was thinking to lower my dose of test to about 80 mgs a week and see if i can lower body weight with lower estro conversion. Not sure what to do? Also, my testosterone is through a legal script.


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why are you injecting daily? it only needs injected twice a week... how long have you been on? you dont just come off if you are on trt... do you have bloodwork?