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21M , 5’8 163lbs, 14% body fat trying to walk around 10-12% assuming it don’t mess me up.

have ran 2 12 week cycles suggested by Dylan. Posted a thread recently and saw someone say sarms don’t cause acne. This was my only side effect and I didn’t have ANY acne before, it was 100% from cycle which i rather not get, but completely understand. (Attached photo).

Anyway been doing a lot of research lately, and am only believing someone on Reddit @Gainstician as they claim to be a moderator on this site. There claim that test only cycle is superior to any sarm (more benefits , less risks) is encouraging, and there claim that “sarms are more foreign to the body than test” does make some sense to me.

Instead of doing a cutting stack suggested by Dylan himself, out of curiosity if I was willing to do a test only cycle for a cut, would it be more effective than a sarm cycle? And would the risks be greater or fewer?

Just curious, I use this forum to learn and am certaintly gonna do wayyyyy more research before I just buy it


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So SARMS can def cause acne so whoever told you that they don’t is an Idiot. SARMS are not some magic pill or liquid that you take and get all these benefits from with no side effects. The side effects maybe limited on certain SARMS but some are just as bad or worse then steroids.

Steroids just like SARMS need to be done responsibly. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything.

Test only cycles you cannot compare to SARMS cycle I believe that’s a fair comparison. Test will def do more to your body then just a SARMS only cycle will. SARMS are more selective to muscle tissue. I have ran many Test only cycles and I would say I like it more then SARMS cuz I feel better on it then I do on the SARMS.

As for cutting it might be better to do SARMS if that’s what your going for as Test will give you some water retention even if you are keeping it in check. But that’s not saying that you can’t be lean and on Test.
at your age a lot of things can cause acne
your hormones are still changing
literally changing your diet can flare up acne
bros you will be fine, just stop stressin and makin it worse
sorry about your acne, are you cleaning?
Yea I used 10% maximum strength benzoyl peroxide sweat and prescribed spot treatment. I do happen to sweat a lot more than the average Joe and on the deficit, intense strength training + cardio leads to sweat.
i was very on top of the skin care, it didn’t help much though, Which is why I was considering getting acutane. I heard some have taken it on cycle safely, I also realize it’s a strong compound and might not be a good mix
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