Test E/Deca cycle, need advice.


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I would need some help with my next Test E/Deca cycle. I'm not really sure what doses to use.

And BTW, I'm from Sweden, thats why my english isnt the best.

Age: 27
Weight: 90kg (199lbs)
Cycles before: Test E 500mg/week for 16 weeks --- 375mg Test E/week + 100mg Tren A EOD for 12 weeks --- Test E 1000mg/week for 20 weeks
Body fat percentage: No idea, probably 15-20%. I will post picture.

Since my first cycle 2 years ago I've been cruising between the cycles and have no plan of coming of ever. I know it was a stupid decision to take right after my first cycle, but here I am now and I dont really regret it.

So right now I've been cruising on 250mg e10d for 3 months now and will start my blast next week. This will be my first time on deca and I'm not really sure what doses to use.
I'm thinking about 750mg Test E/week and 500mg Deca/week, what do you think about that? I will also take 0,5mg anastrozole eod.

I have the test, deca and anaztrozole right now. You think I should get some caber aswell? I only used anaztrozole when I was on 1000mg Test E/week but I see alot of people recommend to use caber with the test/deca.
What dose of caber should I use?

During this cruise I've been experimenting with diet and found out I need about 2900kcal to be stable in weight. So I'm thinking about eating 200-300 kcal more per day, what do you think about that?

I dont really care about getting even more "bulky" during the cycle I just want to gain as much mass as possibly during the cycle, then cruise for a while and after that start to cut with low dose test + tren.

This is how I look right now, what do you think my body fat percentage is?

Thanks in advance!
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Have you been getting bloodwork done in between cycles? It seems like you might not be taking enough time off between cycles and your cruise dose is likely too high. All of this can have very serious adverse health implications.
As far as your proposed test/deca dosing, that seems fine, although I'd personally run the test closer to 500 as well. You will definitely want to continue with an AI, and add cabergolin at 0.25mg every third day to control prolactin with any 19-nor compound (deca/tren). You should really use 25-50mg of Proviron every day as well. This will protect you from completely losing your libido, as well as raising your free testosterone.


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you are just running ridiculous amounts man... 750 mg of test with that high of dose of deca is going to give you nothing but issues... you not knowing that you need caber with deca at that kind of a dose tells me you have not even done any research on it... i have no clue why you feel the need to run such high doses but sometimes you just have to learn the hard way


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Your cycle plan will work well for some, like me, but not everyone. Some people do really well with higher test doses and some dont. I'm am advocate for high test doses bit I'm biased because it works awesome for me. Fir many it gives problems. It just depends on how estrogen sensitive you are