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First off, are somewhat off-topic threads allowed on the forum? Feel free to delete this if they aren't.

Now, I've got these damn stretch marks all over my body. I put the freshman 15 to shame and put on around 30lbs of not-so-lean body mass over the course of a year or so back in college. I've since lost the fat, but have stretch marks on my stomach from that fat baby. On top of that, I've got more on my arms, chest, and legs from lifting. My skin is always dry af, but lotion has helped stop more from appearing. Does anyone have a secret way of making them less noticeable, or should I just wear them like a badge of honor?
I got a lot of them about 7,8 years ago when all I used to do was dirty bulking like a maniac. Proper diet, nutrition, years of use of bio oil & vitamin E may have helped them fade a tiny bit or helped made them appear not as prominent but they never went away completely.
There’s really nothing you can do about them. The best option is just lose the fat and pack in some muscle, or a lot. And claim them as battle scars from the iron.
I know there's a lot of people that wish there was an answer to get rid of them but there isn't.
i get asked this often bro... plastic surgeons caqn help you if you really want them gone but there is no cream, no pill etc. than can do it.. if that were the case, there would never ben any upset women out there after they have a child et... if a person could create that kind of thing they would be the richest damn person on the planet
I know people that will use coconut oil for this purpose but I don't think the difference is huge. I think they are there for good.
I had a few but nothing crazy or very noticeable from when i tried bulking years ago and put on 20+ pounds in 4 weeks. Coconut oil, vitamin e, exfoliating the skin helped quite a bit over time. those skin tightening creams such as lipoxyderm literally do close to nothing for actual fat loss but they do work well from my experience in reducing stretch mark. i also had to buy 5-10 bottles and run it for months but it pretty much made them disappear along with just losing fat and packing on muscle to tighten the skin again. I really have close to none now. this is why i never intentionally bulk...thats my 2 cents man
it also depends on how bad they are too you know... if they are not that bad then they might go away... it just depends on that as well...
Yea best thing I've used is Palmer coco butter....I'm dealing with a nice one on my chest as well

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Just want to say thank you to everyone for the input! Plan is to get huge and wear them as a battle scar as Saiyan stated
it also depends on how bad they are too you know... if they are not that bad then they might go away... it just depends on that as well...

Yea bro of course, for minor ones most of the stuff listed works over time well but for some guys that gained way too much weight there’s not much you can do unfortunately.
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