Seeking advice. 37 year old/ feeling a slow down. Making a change.


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Hello Dylan,

It took me a while to formulate this, but I feel like I've done enough research and I'm ready to reach out to you realistically and intelligently enough that I'm not wasting

background: male, 37 years old. 6'5" 230lbs. My whole life I was somewhere in between an ectomorph and a mesomorph. Always tall and thin but athletic. It didn't matter what or how much I ate, I couldn't gain weight. That is until now. I feel sluggish and worn down. Sometimes have to naps midday.

7 years ago, my health/vitality/stamina declined as a result of sitting at a desk 8-10hrs a day 5 days a week plus lifestyle changes. Lots of stress(cortisol) ,I lost my bestfriend and my dad (same person), I've been eating like shit, bought a house thats needed a lot of work, got married, had a son, earned a masters degree, car accident (neck/back injury) and then got sick with meningitis and was F-ed up for like 6 months. I'm no where near the same guy I was 10 years ago. Not even close.

Began lifestyle changes:

#1 job change in Nov. '17. more freedom and free time. More money. Less stress.

#2 I joined a gym. Turns out you actually have to GO to the gym and workout to get gains... <--- thats sarcasm/joke but true. But I'm working on establishing a routine. Right now its once a week. It needs to be what? 4 days/week and follow your routines on youtube?

#3 I changed my eating habits to strictly whole foods and cut out sugar, alcohol and processed foods. It's another step in the right direction. I've watched your videos on the importance of organic steel cut (da' chronic) type oatmeal and eggs.

#4. 3 weeks ago, I got my total T checked.. 340. I considered TRT, (my ins co covers it) but your videos coached me that there is a bigger picture (free test being one thing that remains unmeasured) and trt is a lifelong commitment, so at this point I need to change my lifestyle not use trt as a 'magic bullet'. Plus my wife and I are trying for a 2nd and final child. Total noob question...When you say a steroid is suppressive do you mean libido or you can't get it up or both or what?

My goal is to get back to eating/living clean and healthy and lose this couple inches of belly fat. To be lean but not a hardbody. Then maintain and keep this thru my 50s-60s. I want to feel good, look good, have endurance and strength. Be efficient.

Right now I'm considering SR9009 to help me along. I'm curious as to your thoughts.
Also considered: GW501516

After I establish a baseline, lose the spare tire and get my wife pregant/or give up, if my T is still low I guess I will explore trt. If I can handle the pinning and depending on the perceived need in a year or so...I have interest in running a Test only cycle with AIs, ancillaries/supports for liver/kidney and PCT. At age ~38. But this cycle-supports-bridge-pct needs to be spelled out entirely and all products purchased before I'd begin.

If that goes well, and I can handle pinning and can really dedicate the gym time, I find a 16-20 week test/equipose/sarm cycle appealing.

In order of importance (to me personally)
Sarms: I gravitate toward interest wise are : sr9009, gw501516, rad140 and lgd4033.
Anabolics: I gravitate toward interest wise are: equipose, primobolan and tbol.

Thanks in Advance!!
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you are going to need to condense this down.. i get thousands of questions per day and i simply cannot read things this long
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