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I just received word from Sarms4Sale that they will be rebranding next week... They said they needed to have a makeover on the site and a fresh name change because the current name is rather confusing. I was also told they will be adding capsule SARMS to the new site as well. This is supposed to be happening next week... The company will be changing their name to RCS (Research Chemical Sciences)

The site is not actually live to order from yet but this is the link so everyone can check it out

you can also use

I am sure they will let the forum admins know when they are doing the full change to have new banners etc... I have very limited information but this was what I currently have. They are very busy from the New Year and all of this so my communication has been limited so if you have questions, i would email the customer service!
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Oh shit!! Might be time for me to run have another sarms run! Capsules bro that is a game changer! No gel no liquid, id benall over that for sr9009 and gw!
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