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Sarms + PCT Source Intl (NZD)


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Hi all,
After my most recent go with Sarms/PEDs having gone not so well, i'm ready to give it another go..
Previously i was supposedly on "mk677" (bulking at the time, unsure if naming/shaming is prohibited) which i chose for the non-hormonal suppressive properties, but i began to notice hormonal changes.. which took 3 or so months to recover from.

I'm ready to give it another go though, and am thinking of an 8-12 week cycle of ostarine & possibly cardarine (for cutting. i'm slightly more out of shape than id like..)
my current physique is approx 178cm & 79kg, best I've felt would be at 72kg with about 12-14% BF, which i'm hoping to get back to :D

I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for where i might buy SARMS and/or PCTs from at an ok price, that ships INTL to NZ?
My current places for where i intend to purchase sarms/pct's are below.. please let me know if you've had good/bad experiences with any of them.

Proven Peptides for Ostarine & cardarine & down?) for Nolvadex/Clomid (Prefer to have some kind of PCT just in case, tho likely to use it for current proposed cycle anyway)

thanks, and any other vendors you'd recommend please feel free..


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I have heard a lot of bad talk about proven peptides to be honest, so I guess approach that with caution. I have been using esarms myself and I'm happy