Sarms on a cut


Been on a 3 month cycle of sr and gw while cutting and have noticed that my body composition is getting better but as for the number on the scale has been the same for 2 weeks. I know that gw is supposed to preserve muscle or so I read. So could that be what it is? Because I have been cutting for a while and I'm surprised that the number on the scale hasn't gone down but at the same time I can tell I'm losing fat.
so what exactly is the problem? the entire goal is to lose fat and not lose muscle is it not? unless you want to just waste muscle then you need to eat at a large deficit... you are doing what everyone wishes they could do by dropping fat and adding muscle so i guess im lost as to what the issue is here? seriously, EVERYONE wants to accomplish what you are doing right now
No problem I'm just curious if to it could be the sarms helping me achieve that. Because before using sarms I would drop weight like crazy in regards to the numbers on the scale but in regards to what I saw in the mirror I wouldn't be satisfied with it. Now with the sarms I see alot of improvement in the mirror just not the same on the scale. No complaints just observations. Anyway I am in a deficit too and do about 2 hours of cardio a week in 40 minute sessions. Just surprised at how I see so much improvement in the mirror just not on the scale. Never seen that but this is one of the first times using samrs. I've used s4 and cardarine before this
yes, sarms prevent muscle wastage... you are doing fantastic man.. you should be very impressed and keep pushing as you are because there are plenty gains left for you to take! great job
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