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    What's with the price shoot up? I ordered a three pack a while back it was 200 something now it's 350. Way more expensive
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    I've been reading on this supposed mental illness called bigorexia. Basically if you try to build any muscle at all you have this "disease" according to the medical community. I have read a bit on it and it angers me because they discourage kids from lifting and things like that. But here's the...
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    Sr9009 dosing

    I have a hard time remembering the dosing sometimes as it is quite frequent. And a short half life. I missed a dose by an hour and that happens from time to time. Should I worry? If so I should probably put an alarm to remind me I try not to miss dosages and usually don't but when i forget it's...
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    I saw a video u made about sr9009 and in it u say to run it 30mg a day. If I can't afford that would 20mg a day suffice? Thanks
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    Thoughts Jason bloho the fat fuck who calls people feminine for actually leaning out. He is a joke
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    Hello guys

    I don't know what the point of this post is I think I just need to vent about it because I don't know if anyone else thinks like me but I was taken back when I read about this. It's reasons like this why I am kind of weary of getting on the internet. I like to stick to things that don't piss me...
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    Is a full cycle 3 bottles?
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    Sarms on a cut

    Been on a 3 month cycle of sr and gw while cutting and have noticed that my body composition is getting better but as for the number on the scale has been the same for 2 weeks. I know that gw is supposed to preserve muscle or so I read. So could that be what it is? Because I have been cutting...
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    Sr 9009

    I finished my bottle of sr but there is quite a bit of crystals at the bottom can I just fill it with a bit of water and drink those down because I don't want to waste any
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    Order question

    My card info changed while my order is still pending from sarmsx will that mess the order up at all? I am worried about it because I ordered from sarmsx a couple days ago and it is still pending. I am running low on sr 9009 and want to minimize the time inbetween my cycle either way I know...
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    Cardarine questions

    Does cardarine also start to crystallize like sr 9009 because my cardarine has some black specs floating in it
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    Sr cycle question

    Would a week in between my 4 month cycle of sr ruin it is might have to wait a week because of a mistake when ordering so I wanted opinions on if it would ruin my cycle or not
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    Shipping info and questions

    Any way to get faster shipping on sarmsx?
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    Sr 9009

    Is a 20 mg a day ok or does it have to be 30
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    Question on Sr

    I know it is supposed to be a 8 to 12 week cycle but I have been taking 30 mg a day and I feel like the bottle won't last me a month if so do I compensate for time or would running 3 bottles be good enough
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    Sr9009 dosage

    How to dose sr9009? I read online u have to take it twice a day
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    Liquid arimidex sarmsx

    Hey guys I know what arimidex is. I think it's a estrogen blocker if I'm not mistaken. Would taking it help me with testosterone levels at all? I'm thinking about taking it to boost testosterone. Also would taking mk677 for a month be worth it?
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    Keto and sarms

    I had a question about keto and sarms. With a ketogenic diet small amounts of certain artificial sweetness and sugars can throw you out of ketosis and ruin days of progress of ketosis and actually getting into a ketogenic state. Which sometimes takes days to get back into. So my question is if...
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    Cardarine muscle loss

    Will cardarine prevent muscle loss on a cut?
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    Hey guys I had a question I hope u all can help. My grandmother was diagnosed with fatty liver caused by obesity. Could cardarine help at all with that? I know it could help with fat loss but other than those benefits could it help in other ways? And could there be any side effects she should...
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