Shipping info and questions

Well I order it and it takes about 2 days to process then like 4 days till I get it. I'm just worried because I don't want to run a half ass sr cycle and I think if I couldn't get it here quick enough I would have to go a couple days without it and fuck up my cycle
Yea mine as well about 4 days
Best way to do it, Is place a order and forget about
Rest assure it will get there.
The anticipation of delivery will kill you
i have no clue what to tell you how quickly they will or can send it, thats why i gave you the email to ask them... you will be okay missing a few days bro, it wont ruin your cycle
Well if I can get it shipped faster it will be a few days but if not it could be like a week. I just wanna know if that would mess my cycle up. I'm going to try to get faster shipping I emailed sarmsx but if it doesn't work out I would be pretty mad if I mess my cycle up.
Just curious how long it ended up taking to get your stuff....I put my order in on the 27th and it's still only processing. CRAZY
are you sure you do not have a form to fill out or does it say processing? if you need help, just pm me... any of you
If it's still processing you may need to check your emails, because you may have to provide more info
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