S4 + GW + TRT Progress Update


This is all just amazing to me. I don't recall feeling this good in the past 20 years at the gym... then again, I'm not taking anything for memory:)

Tomorrow makes three weeks on S4 and GW, with S4 at ~ 65mg/day since week two. Slight vision sides not even a concern at this point, very manageable.
Today was my third pin of 125mg Test Cyp

Weight is going up in just all areas if I really want to go up but honestly, I've been putting more effort into proper form and learning new exercises or how to hit a muscle group from a different angle. Breaking up the old routine has really helped me hit several new PR's. Chest has been a nightmare for the past five years but with lighter weight, higher reps, new angles and proper form, I've pushed myself past the shoulder pain.
Flat DB presses started with 55 x 25 (warm-up), 65 x 14, 80 x 10 and 90 x 5 for the first time in my life. Dropped back to the 65's & 55's for two more sets before moving on. The most noticeable difference is the time between sets. I just don't need to do the awkward walk/pace routine between sets... if I need a break, I wait 15 - 20 seconds and I just feel like I'm reading to push again. With lighter weights, I find myself taking no rest and just hitting different angles. Shoulder pain is just about gone at this point and I haven't even added MK-2866 yet (hope to see it tomorrow).

Overall well being is outstanding! I sleep 6-7 hours, get up and I'm thinking I should go back to sleep as I used to do but I can't. I don't need to... I'm up and after some high GI carbs, I'm ready to tear shit up. I get to work early for my first half hour run around the industrial park. I feel like I can run the full 1.6 miles (couldn't run 50 ft this time last year) but calves have been killing me this week. Maybe it's the cold, it was 25 this morning and not much better for my second run at noon. I'll figure it out.

Tonight was leg night and at the conclusion, I just don't feel like I'm spent. I finished early and banged out two extra sets of leg curls. Leg press was the highlight, 4th & 5th sets with 6 plates per side for 10 each set. No half assed movement, all the way down until I looked like a tick about to pop. Same results with hack squats, 6 plates per side of 4th & 5th sets. The feeling of accomplishment still has me flying and I know I had correct form which makes it so much better.

As always, I owe so much to this forum, SARMSX, Valhalla and especially the isarms family who provide awesome advice. It's 11:15 PM and I feel like I could go run right now but I'm not going to... it's fucking cold and about to snow. GOOD NIGHT!


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now thats what im talking about brother! this is EXACTLY the type of experience your supposed to have... this is what sets sarmsx apart but regardless, YOUR HARD WORK is the main aspect... when you work hard and you add enhancements of this magnitude, well, you see what you get bro! LOVE the running progress... the cold can absolutely have an impact... make sure you are walking a good few minutes to warm up or ride the bike etc... stretch as well... one of the things that commonly occurs when you start running a lot after you have not been, is shin splints... stretching is IMPERATIVE... your calve muscle grows too fast and then that occurs... stretch thoroughly... GREAT WORK BRO! keep the updates coming!
i got some compression calf sleeves for running, i was having those shin splint pains, they really helped, but i also would take some time off when it started to hurt


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Incredible progress brother! That's what I like to see. I'm glad everything is going so well for you. You are killing it, and you've hit some nice numbers. Keep up the great work, and thank you for updating us

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Thanks for the support guys, I sometimes forgot to acknowledge but it's much appreciated and extremely motivational! Didn't run today since the cold finally got me. I draw the line at 5 degrees (and apparently at 16 degrees since I skipped my lunch time run also).

I wanted to wait for chest night again before posting any updates thinking my last chest workout was an anomaly. I can report that it was no fluke last week!
Started with flat DB @ 55 for 25 to warm up. Jumped to the 70's for 12 and went right into the 90's for 8 (which I should count as 7 after seeing Dylan's video, I just wasn't smooth on the last rep). Instead of dropping back down, I hit the 90's again for 5 and picked up the 60's to finish the set of 10. Used the 60's a few more times for some super slow, tight form finishers that I didn't bother to count.

The regret of the day was my lack of carb intake. I'm getting stronger but I'm up about 8 pounds which can't be all muscle. Body fat "looks" the same and the belt hasn't moved but feels a little tighter. I have to remember, I'm working to gain muscle at this time so cutting carbs too far back isn't the best plan. I felt it tonight in the remainder of the workout. BB declines were pathetic relative to weight so I forced myself to do 8 sets of 20 down to 8. I'm going to try a moderate increase in carbs but not the full amount I've been consuming... 60%P, 25%C, 15%F was what I was aiming for but fat always seems to get away from me. Salmon got me today but it's good fat, sorta. Calorie aim was 2340 and I ended up with about 1840; 57%P, 8%C, 34%F. If I could just get my cardio in, I'd be realizing the full benefits of the S4 and GW. Adding MK Wednesday, slight delay but SARMX handled it immediately. I had a response to my email within two hours... freakin awesome!

Overall, still feel great! More energy, improved mood even after the miserable weather this weekend. If this is how I feel during the winter blues, spring should be one hell of an awakening.