S4 Eye Side effect


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Hey Dylan, im using S4 for 5 Days now 50mg a day, 25 after waking up, 25 6 hours later.
And i expierienced Vision Side effect right at the Night of day 3?!
- Is this normal?
I woke up at night, went into the kitchen to drink some Water, turned on the light, and everything had a yellow tinge, i also needed like 4-5 Seconds to See normally. I knew this would happen, but so early?

On day 5 im expieriencing Night time blindness but only in small effect. I wouldn't have noticed it without my Girlfriend, i was saying god its dark in here (we were walking at 10 Pm) and she told me that it isn't really dark. Lights also blind me very easily for a Second.
I especially have the yellow tinge on everything that is like a screen with bright blue light.
Would like to know your opinion on that IF you have the time.
I Really love your Videos and like your unbiased approach to ALL PED's and i hope that you continue.

Btw what do you think about my split.
I was thinking of combining S4 with SR9009 Cardarine and Mk677. For a very strong cutting cycle.