Recomp / Cardio stack


Looking for some advice on a recomp / improved cardio stack
Almost 40 years old
Sitting at 225 15-18% bf
would like to trade 5+ lbs of fat for muscle over 16 weeks. even 20 weeks?
Last cycle of Tren killed my cardio and it is still not the same so here is my thoughts...

250-300mg test c
800-1000mg Eq
6 week jump starter with Tbol ?? this is the one I am not sure of, have to do a lot of jogging and don't want any wild shin pumps or lower back pumps.
aromasin 12.5 eod

gw 501516 25mg day? unsure on length to run " Have never tried this stuff but I hear its cheat mode for cardio"
mk 677 25mg day for the next year

return to trt after
tbol was going to be my recommendation for what to add for a recomp.. not so much on the cardio side though.. for that, you want to add gw501516 and sr9909... you would run both of them 12 weeks... gw at 20 mg per day dosed once a day and sr9009 at 30 mg per day... 5 mg every 2-3 hours... you can get the best quality at
Sr9009 and GW get my vote for sure.
GW is the cardio king for me. I wouldn?t run anything with out it.
Like said 12 weeks for Sarms.
No more than 6 weeks of Tbol.
Read up on tbol as it does have sides, just not as much as other.
How is your test? Are you on TRT or using any test with this? Orals with no test base is not a good idea.
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