Question on pro hormones

I guess but I mean if I don't have any libido problems I'm good that's how I see it
no offense, but thats beyond ignorant but thats your own call bro... clearly you dont get it and are not listening... thats okay, you do whatever you want.. i wont bother with it anymore... good luck to you and thats what i get for trying to help... i wont further waste my time
Well shit man the pro hormones I used were not even that strongvtjey are the new ones that barely even work 25% as food as the old ones and I ran a proper pct after so what could be the problem
you were the one that fucking asked dude... you got an answer then wanted to throw shit in my face and everyone else that tried to help... why even ask man? ive wasted how many comments now for someone that had no intent other than to fuck with everyone else... now your starting to piss me off severely... just let it go man, i urge you, i like you a lot but your pushing it now
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