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    Stupid question

    I know it's not advisable and I'm probably gonna get shit talked but I am getting kinda desperate so oh well how safe would using dnp be as far as maybe taking half the recommended dosage just in case it is stronger than expected and going from there
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    Question on pro hormones

    Hey guys was going through some posts and read someone took a pro hormone well anyway a long time ago I ran a pro hormone but the new less strong ones. Anyway I am wondering if I should be fine. Because it was not just a pro hormone but a whole lot that included on cycle support and a pct...
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    I know Dylan made a video about this but I feel he only really talked about sr23. I read somewhere that yk11 has no suppression and was curious how true this is?
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    Sarms delayed

    Can they confiscate sarms?? Checked my order tracking and says it's been delayed. This will be the second day it was delayed it was supposed to be here a couple days ago
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