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Ok so heres my personal review for PSL. Bought from them for the first time recently. Heres the stats:
1) smooth transaction, product arrived on time
2) prices were good
3) gear was legit (no bunk)
4) I will recommend/buy again
heres what I got, sustonon 500. Heres the deal:
1) its good bunk crap!
2) noticed results after 1st week, strenth increase, light water retention, light acne, higher stamina. Taking one gram per week.
3) pip...hurts like hell. Worst ive ever known. Will not recommend or purchase again...I will however buy sus 250 and use it instead next time.
remember that how my body reacts dosent reflect how yours will react..most of you like me know within 2 weeks how your body should be reacting if u got good gear. The side effects are low even at 1gram. But sus has always been good to me in that respect Which is why its a favorite of mine. Im not knocking this product in any way..the pip is a personal reaction to my body and u might tolerate it better, but as for me ill stick to 250 from here on out. Some of u out there are like me and rather not stick foreign objects in your body or a bunch of oils. I tried to take a short cut by ordering a higher dosed product to reduce the amount of oil in my body..that and the fact my hands shake and it seems like its taking 30 minutes to inject lol. .I rather be in and out as quick as I can....but that's just my preference. .this is good gear..just pip was too much for my body..I will reccomend you go with 250. And I definitely recommend sustanon if youve never tried it! So gear is good to go at PSL and they have plenty to choose from at good prices. .go buy some shit!
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