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PSA about testing your Somatropin GH

Scott Weiland

Hey everyone,

Been a long time since I posted. But I'm still out here. i just wanted to share my experience using Somatropin test. As we all know GH (depending if its pharma) is some of the most expensive gear around and there is a long commitment to see the value. But in my opinion it does work. I only take a therapeutic dose 1~2iu a day. But long term with diet and cardio it does give me the icing on the cake I'm looking for.

Seeing that its so expensive and truthfully i test my gear to make sure I'm not putting poison or 192aa in me when I get a hold of GH. If you look at you may find the kits in or out of stock. The thing that I have verified is that this test is only going to give a positive for 191aa. It will not produce a false positive on 192aa, nor any other mimicking substance. Personally I try to stay with pharma (I say try). I know $$$ is an issue out there for the brothers, not trying to say I'm "big man" or anything. But what I'm saying is, if you are gona go generic spend an extra $120 to test your shit to make sure you aren't poisoning yourself. You know after time 192aa will create an autoimmune condition???? No F'ing thank you! Not for me. See the pic to show you what 1 stripe (positive detection) of 191aa looks like. Note: thats all this test will do though. It will not test for potency; only that 191aa is present. In in the 3rd pic you can actually see the notch where if 191aa wasn't present it would show a second red stripe. But as you can see this clearly shows 1 red line; and thats it = 191aa is detected. Now if your follow up question is where do I find this legit gear.???.. HINT: the block advertisements at the top of the forums are your friends.

SW ~ out!


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