Prolactin concerns on Test only Cycle + GW501516 Advice


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Prolactin concerns on Test only Cycle + GW501516 Advice

Hi guys,

I am currently on a cycle of Sustanon 375mg / week and I am no longer getting morning wood, zero sex drive, bouts of fatigue and getting weak erections.

I know that this is all signs of high E2 however my E2 blood work seems to be OK.

I have been on prescribed TRT (not due to AAS use) for a few years at 125mg every 5 days and have had no E2 issues, I am an extremely low converter and do not need an AI, in actual fact my E2 on TRT vs on cycle are not that different.

This is my second cycle and the first time I have ran test higher than my TRT dose, between the sexual side effects and the fatigue I feel more like a lamb than a lion.

The major change on my bloodwork is actually my prolactin, could this be causing me issues? I know that prolactin is usually only a concern with Deca and Tren but is this something I should be worried about. It not "high" but it is much higher than when I was pre cycle.

My only other thought is that whilst my E2 is still within “normal range” perhaps I am naturally suited to having my E2 on the lower end of the scale. When I started my TRT I was taking 0.5mg Anastrozole every only 5 days and it completely wiped out my E2. If E2 is in fact the casue, what would be the most conservative AI dose I should start with.


TRT (125mg every 5 days) bloodwork

Testosterone = 26.8 nmol/L - (Range 8.64 - 29)

E2 = 76 pmol/L - (Range 41 - 159)

LH = <0.3 IU/L (Range1.7 - 8.6)

Prolactin = 164 mIU/L - (Range 86 - 324)

4 Weeks on cycle (250 mg every 5 days) bloodwork

Testosterone = 33.3 nmol/L - (Range 8.64 - 29)

Free Testosterone = 1.08 nmol/L (Range) 0.2 - 0.62

E2 = 82.6 pmol/L - (Range 41 - 159)

LH = <0.3 IU/L (Range1.7 - 8.6)

Prolactin = 260 mIU/L - (Range 86 - 324)

GW501516 Advice:

For fat burning purposes, does GW501516 accelerate fat burning whilst in a caloric deficit or if one was to eat would GW501516 at still have fat burning effects? What does would you recommend for someone at 83KG 14% BF.

Thanks in advance


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gw will help speed up metabolism and increase endurance which is clearly helpful for fat burning but obviously, eating in a deficit is going to be far more effective.. diet dictates everything, no matter what you are taking...

i dont know why your prolactin has gone up so much... test itself would not cause that issue


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Theres nothing from the test that should be increasing prolactin. You are still in range so I'm not so sure it's that anyways. Estrogen is a funny thing. Where suits you may be dufferent thsn the norm