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Organ ST Timing


Are you logging?

Sorry I can't answer that question but I'm interested in the organ st results.


I'm using it now. Haven't communicated with DG about logging. Mabey a summary when it's done with pre and post bloods. Will have to see. So far I think the product is easy to use and zero digestive problems.


October, why do you wait to take them in the evening though? Ill be one of the bros who will log OST. Initial thoughts are already posted on my log...


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Is it ok to take in the evening if orals are taken in the morning, or has too much time passed?

thats PERFECTLY FINE brother... you just need it spaced out at least four hours between orals but that is completely fine... just take them with food and thats really all you need to worry about...


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Dylan covered it really well. Basically you can take it any time that is convenient for you. You just want to make sure that if you are taking any oral steroids that you space the dosing at least 3-4 hours away from those doses to not interfere with absorption. Otherwise anytime is fine so your plan to dose in the evening is good to go