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Multiple DDOS attacks on forum and other sponsor sites...


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A follow up to my initial thread... There have been multiple DDOS attacks not only on the forum but apparently on Pure Essence as well. This is a deliberate attempt to slow everything down here by a competitor whom you are all familiar as they continue to crumble. This is an act of pathetic desperation from someone hiding behind a keyboard hoping to drive away not only competition, but the TRUTH that is being written here day in and day out... I would be scared too looking at the strength of the community here and what is being built. Please be patient the next few days as things are fixed, security is changed and enhancements are done to ensure this does not continue. I am sure these pathetic and evil people will continue to make attempts at these things but we wlll get past them and they will continue to further ensure their demise... thank you for all the understanding


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I just about shit my pants for the last 2 days. Douche bags will always try to keep good things down