MGP is Open

Was planning a Sarms run for March/April/May...may just wait until end of summer and do something BIG instead!!!
Flu is fuckin nasty this year. Hope he's better soon. PM me if anything changes soon, needing some Tren A asap.

Thanks for the quick response
This could b a good or a bad thing thin proof your gear is fire and on point I’m trying to fight off the dam flu myself right now good god it’s awe full boys best of luck to uns

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Get better Thin d & kick that flu's ass! Get my order done when you get better. We all wish you good health & I'll say a prayer for you.
Flu sucks, I’ve had it already this year. My job takes me in an out
Of schools and everywhere I go I hear kids coughing an yacking, scares
The shit out of me, when I get back to the truck I’m sanitizing.
Since we’re talking about illness when your on gear are you more acceptable to
Getting sick.
Dq finally closed up shop... need to reup can u dm me info so I can place an order? Thanks

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